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Guys talk about all kinds of things at work. One day we were all talking about porn and someone said something about webcams. I had it in my head that it would just be a bunch of young ladies strung out on drugs or with daddy issues. One night I was scrolling through the massive amount of garbage online when I decided to see for myself what they were all about. I went to and was pleasantly surprised.

They even had mature porn cams with women my own age. It didn’t take me long to zero in on fitcougarcb. She was everything I could ever want in a lady. I started chatting with her and found out that we have more in common than I ever thought was possible. Her sex drive is insatiable and she’s always up for a good time. The best part is that membership is completely free and it doesn’t cost anything to watch the shows. There are even features you can pay for that offer a much more intense experience.

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